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Narodila sa v Leicesteri, vyrástala v Nottinghame.

Má tri deti.




V ČR vychádzajú jej historické romance v edícii Harlequin!

Cousin Harry (1991)
The Falcon and the Dove (1992)
An Improper Duenna (1992)
Wild Justice (1992)
An American Princess (1993)
An Unexpected Passion (1993)
My Lady Love (1993)
The Cyprian's Sister (1993)
Touch the Fire (1994)
The Captain's Lady (1994)
The Moon Shines Bright (1994)
Reasons of the Heart (1994)
The Astrologer's Daughter (1994)
Dear Lady Disdain (1995)
Not Quite a Gentleman (1995)
A Biddable Girl? (1996)
The Lost Princess (1996)
Emma and the Earl (1996)
An Affair of Honour (1996)
Lady Clairval's Marriage (1997)
The Youngest Miss Ashe (1997)
The Beckoning Dream (1997)
The Wayward Heart (1998)
The Deserted Bride (1998)
Rebecca's Rogue (1998)
The Devil and Drusilla (1998)
The Wolfe's Mate (1999)
Miss Jesmond's Heir (1999)
The Quiet Man (1999)
An Innocent Masquerade (2000)
Hester Waring's Marriage (2000)
A Strange Likeness (2000)
His One Woman (2000)
The Dollar Prince's Wife (2001)
Prince of Secrets (2001)
Major Chancellor's Mission (2001)
Lord Hadleigh's Rebellion (2001)
Rinaldi's Revenge (2002)
Jack Compton's Luck (2002)
An Unconventional Heiress (2003)
Maid of Honour (2004)
The Black Sheep's Bride (2004)
The Daring Duchess (2004) - Statečná vévodkyně


V ČR vyšlo od tejto autorky v edícii Harlequin:


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